Colloque - appel à communications


"Failing Identities: Identification and Resistance"
Colloque international interdisciplinaire, Université de Liège 4-5 octobre 2018


This conference aims to scrutinize, clarify and elaborate upon the concept of identity, which ranks among the most (ab)used concepts in the humanities since the end of the 20th century.


The popularity of the concept is, first and foremost, to be situated in the aftermath of the linguistic turn, which led to identity being conceived of as the product of discursive interpellations. This theoretical reframing of the subject constitutes the theoretical basis of multiple strands of discourse theory and analysis, and of various types of (post)poststructuralist theory.


The pervasive presence of identity as an object of study is, however, and to an even greater degree, also explained by the postmodern critique of universality and the concomitant deconstruction of the universal subject as a fiction subservient to particular (masculine, white, western, heterosexual...) interests. It is precisely this critique that drives the various forms of progressive identity politics that are so conspicuously present today.


Proposals will be judged on their ability to address theoretical issues and methodological questions, or the latter’s application to concrete cases and corpora.


Since the conference is interdisciplinary in nature, we welcome proposals from the fields of literary studies, linguistics, translation studies, cultural studies, communication studies, political studies, social sciences, philosophy and history.


Abstracts (in English or French) should not exceed 300 words and be submitted along with a brief biobibliographical note (100 words max.) by 1 March 2018 at the latest to the following address: Participants will be notified by 1 May 2018.


Papers may be delivered in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish, with discussions taking place in English and French.


Organizing committee (ULiège): Kim Andringa, Lieselotte Brems, Louis Gerrekens, Maxim Proesmans, Laurent Rasier, Erik Spinoy, Kris Steyaert, An Van linden, Patricia Willson

External: Ted Laros (Open Universiteit Nederland), Alejandrina Falcón (University of  Buenos Aires), Lieven Vandelanotte (UNamur)


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Conférence "A DISCOURSE-ANALYTICAL VIEW ON IDENTITY CONSTRUCTION" Le 18 décembre 2017, l'UR Langues & Lettres inaugurera son cycle thématique « Idéologie, identité et rapports de pouvoirs » avec une conférence de Prof. Dorien Van De Mieroop. Préalablement à son intervention, deux membres de l'UR L&L, Pauline Heyvaert (doctorante) et An Van linden (chargée de cours), présenteront leurs travaux en cours (16h-17h). 18 décembre, 16h-18h, Petit Physique.